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Re-engineering my old Submariner with a Glidelock

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  • Re-engineering my old Submariner with a Glidelock

    I've never been able to get a 100% comfy fit with the older clasps, especially not in humid weather or cooking near a hot stove

    So with a bit of modern engineering and a screwdriver my wrists no longer feel like they're about to pop off

    Here is what is needed...
    1x Glidelock
    1x 1/2 link
    1x screwdriver
    1x 41 year old Submariner

    Remove the old clasp

    Glidelock and 1/2 link ready to be fitted

    Remove stickers

    ALL stickers!

    Attach clasp to the 6 o'clock side

    Attach 1/2 link to the 12 o'clock side

    Almost ready

    1/2 link going to centre the clasp very nicely


    Next to past candidates

    In action

    No more sore wrists when cooking!

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    Looks great Anders, however I think I would have left the original on this beauty


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      Looks good. Was the original clasp the tin can style?


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        what does a new guidlock go for?>


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          Sub glide lock clasp

          The glide lock clasp is an absolute work of art.
          But I still think the vintage red sub is better with its tinny 9315 clasp.


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            Whilst I have 4 Subs with glide lock clasps and very much like the comfort and ease of alteration, I do worry a little about the strength of the small spot welds at the "flip lock" end and, at the same end, the seemingly very shallow depressions holding the "hooking" mechanism spring bar into the clasp body.

            These concerns are common to other modern Rolex clasps as well of course, e.g. on the Daytona. Come to think of it, St James' RSC replaced a bent springbar in that position on my TT Daytona, raising the question of how secure it was prior to the change...

            There again, I've never actually had one fail - and I reckon I give 'em hell on occaisions in normal working marine life, so I'll "Keep calm and carry on".


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              Nice work.


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                And I thought me putting a 93250 onto a 16800 was pushing the limits...


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                  Nicely done Anders

                  Perhaps you should offer your services out to the forum


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                    Thanks guys

                    It's an easy swap and while I'm a purist at heart, knocking Glidelocks on all of my vintage watches has been a no brainer.

                    So humid and sticky here, going from hot to cold makes it impossible to get a good fit and I almost hated wearing the older pieces. not now...

                    I got the clasps from the continent as I couldn't hunt them down in the UK -Rolex UK insisted on fitting the clasp and didn't like the sound of the Glidelock on a 93150 bracelet one bit

                    "Sir, the 93150 didn't come with the Glidelock so must not be fitted"

                    "Oh ok, so I'll just put up with a rubbish clasp that causes gangrene. Makes sense. Thanks".

                    My ar$e.

                    So I did it myself


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                      I would love to be able to retrofit my Sub with a Glidelock, but I have no idea where I'd be able to purchase one. I know Rolex will only sell them to an AD.

                      Any suggestions for me?


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                        Nice workmanship, but the purist in me would keep a Red Sub all original.......


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                          i dont approve... but if you like it why not. Also i guess its saving wear on the original clasp!


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                            glidelock clasp

                            Please tell me where you got the glidelock clasp from, I would love one of these for my 16610


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                              This is something I will be very interested in doing on my older sub. I had sub c briefly and I adjusted the glide lock several times back and forth for comfort.

                              Seems a great addition but I can see how it detracts from what the older watches should be. Can't hurt as long as you keep the original parts. Personal preference I suppose.