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This must cost a lot.

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  • This must cost a lot.

    This is the level that we very rarely see

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    I wonder how many of them will be around in 300 years and who will be able to afford the services during those 3 centuries. I wonder how many "lesser" perpetuals sold now will be around for the watchmakers to adjust on 1 March 2100.


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      I think it's more a case of "because we can"

      You'd need to adjust it when it stops- which it will.

      It's more a marvel of micro engineering which I tend to appreciate more in this day of disposable tablets and smartphones.


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        truly a marvel of engineering... but how many people even wear a perpetual every day to get the benefit every 4 years?


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          I derive inestimable pleasure and immeasurable pride from not owning either a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately I had to give up the bakelite dial phone since those new-fangled automated systems require touch tone signals.


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            I have a 1950s Bakelite phone at home. It takes ages to dial out and the line is pretty crackly but retro is good.

            And the majority of callers on the landline are marketers who have bought my details off someone else, so I hardly ever answer it anyway! If anyone really wants to get in touch, they would use my mobile or email me.


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              Whoa! That's a serious bit of wrist bling. As others have said, how many will still be around in 300 years? Actually, I suspect most; if not all, of them, ad if you can afford the purchase price, surely you can afford the servicing and are likely to have a family which is likely to continue to care for it.