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Buying advice..... new Perpetual 39

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  • Buying advice..... new Perpetual 39

    Im planning adding to my small collection with a 39 OP in the near future. I regularly pass thorough Heathrow and am aware of the opportunities (and responsibilities) buying there on exiting the EU but wondered if I could typically expect similar discount buying from an AD in the UK? I will be buying a SS model. Any views appreciated.

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    On the discount side, UK ADs are really stuffy about discounts currently. This is even tougher on SS Models and with OP being one of the cheapest models they sell, I don't see them doing much for you.

    However why not ask....aim for 10% and be delighted at 5, but they may let you walk.


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      Nairn is entirely correct about the current situation regarding discounts. However, I have found that there is no harm in asking, even if it is an AD with whom you may not have dealt with before. Keep it polite, non-pressured (from your side!) but make it clear that you are ready to do the deal and are not simply there to kick tyres (so to speak).

      Let us know how you get on!


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        Thanks Harb and Nairn. I will update. I am travelling to Miami soon so am making a few comparisons prior to purchase. Its all part of the fun!