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  • Safe bracelet removal

    Today, 07:39 PM
    Evening all, so life was super simple when we had pin hole cases, and still is with screw thread pins but how do people get straps off easily when changing bracelets to straps etc with no lug hole cases? What brand of tools do people use? Do you secure you case in a vice? Two removal tools at once or a pliers type tool to release both at once? Am about to take ownership of Tony's beautiful seamaster 300 and also have a new PO that I would like to tinker with without scratching the hell out of the case when I want to swap to a leather strap. Regards Jon

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    This is what I use, Jon. You can hold the watch head in one hand (upside down, and exerting slight upwards pressure on the end link) and use the double-pronged end to pull the spring bar out of the lug hole. Then repeat on the other e-side.

    A lot of people put a bit of tape over the lugs for protection, but if you're careful that should be unnecessary.


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      Why have a never seen this site before,
      Aladdins cave. Thank you very much.


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        That is a lovely sea master Jonathon so don't go mangling it, I was really tempted by that one and it made me appreciate I still have a big soft spot for Omega.


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          Omega seamaster with wave dial was my first big boy watch and would probably still had it had it not been for this forum, long story short.
          I really have to believe I'm buying value when purchasing anything. So my thoughts on Omega over the last 7 years or so are that they are producing some superb watches with wonderful movements and materials at a price point that gives me value. Aside from the 904/316 steel debate I think pound for pound they have produced some of the best watches over the last few years and I'm happy to reaffirm my love for the brand by purchasing both a new one and what will be a new one in all but name from Tony.
          Loving Omega at the moment and Rolex count down to 4.
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            I'm inclined to agree with you, Jon, and I have to say that their approach with regard to reissues is also impressive. I was always going to buy another Hulk, and with my 5513 and two other vintage divers I'd have been a bit heavy in that style of watch had I not moved the SM300 on. (It's quite likely that I'm going to swap my Fifty Fathoms for an incoming VC too, inorder to achieve a better balance in y collection.)

            I think you'll be delighted when the watch arrives, and I wish you a long and happy relationship with it
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