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SS Daytona C looking great.

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    Originally posted by JasT View Post
    White dial Daytona for me.

    Im sure dealers would love to have Sky-Dweller be another 'daytona' for them. I dont think that will happen. After the initial pop they will be readily available. At least that's what im hoping for ;-)

    Don't get me wrong - so am I.

    But my gut says that this is the first major model for quite some time that has been "down-graded" from precious metal only to S/S and precious metal by Rolex. Interesting move, but I really believe they are not intending to flood the market just yet.......Even at £10,600, the WG/SS is not cheap and the YG is 2k more expensive. They will keep demand high by limiting supply.

    I may be wrong - I sincerely hope so because I would like to get to the top of the waiting list before I retire!


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      The Skydweller is a draw but I have no use for a 2nd time zone. I'd like to see the annual movement incorporated into a DayDate in SS, but at this point I am quite satisfied with my collection. I'm considering leaving my "grail" (the JLC perpetual SS) at the AD and saving the 19k.