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  • 16613 advice

    I have a very nice 16613 ,bought it about 10+ years ago full set. Decided it's time to let it go ,It was serviced by RSC some 5 years ago. The problem is I have misplaced three links ,Do I buy three and hope I find them and resell them to get my money back at some time or just sell it with a short bracelet?.

    I have been offered three links for £210

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    You have already covered the bases and options.

    A. Buy the links and include the cost in the price of the 16613. The 16613 appear to be quite sought-after at the moment, so you may be able to make a profit on the piece.
    B. Don't buy the spare links. Look for your missing links. Hope you find them.
    C. Sell it as is to someone with a small wrist.
    D. Buy the links. Find your missing ones. Sell the full set, then the spare links separately.


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      At that price I would be buying them anyway!


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        My advice from being in sales is remove all barriers to sale. No links or watch to small are too barriers that are nothing to you but maybe to a purchaser. Has to be a 5K watch though every day of the week. Good luck.


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          I would buy the links and sell as full length bracelet. If you find your links down the road, you'll easly get your money back.