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Italy seems to be the place for Rolexes

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  • Italy seems to be the place for Rolexes

    I don't think I have ever seen so many on the wrists of people wandering about. I was only in San Remo for a night but there were loads. Lots of women wearing them also and also a copper with a sub.
    Mrs Cakey nearly ended up with a pretty pink dialed one but my spidey senses were not convinced on it so walked away
    Looking forward to exploring Italy further next year.

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    Thats interesting. Either people are quite well off or theres a booming fake watch market there.


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      Isn't Italy the place where many grey market dealers source their watches from? Via New York? I received some excellent prices and the papers were in Italian. 😃


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        What I saw in the stores wasn't particularly cheap- 6900 euros for 16600 sea dweller, but a newer one , full set.
        Hooky sellers wandering the streets.
        A lot of ladies rolexes also.
        Spotted someone wearing a Richard Mille at Nice airport on the way back.

        Non of it tops the Genuine Rolex Milsub todays customers comes out wearing . Great to see and handle one and the story behind it. Was his fathers- navy clearance diver


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          Italy is the place for ice cream innit.


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            And reasonable cars


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              Also seems to be country of watch dealers somehow reinterpreting the Rolex regulations on pricing policy........................