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    I know some of you have experience of Kickstarter, so I'm seeking your help / advice.

    How does it all work? I note that you pay via credit card, so are you protected should things go south? When does your money get taken? When it goes, what happens then? Have any of you been stung?

    The reason for asking is that I've seen something that looks interesting :

    I really like he idea of the bronze case, like the Tudor Bronze, albeit with a Seiko automatic movement. I really like the black dial, with the stripe detailing, similar to PP.

    So, whadda ya think?

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    I did one Kickstarter for an Everest strap. No issues.

    I am currently awaiting a new YES Equilibrium watch through Indiegogo. I don't anticipate an issue. YES has been around, I have one of their earlier issues. I posit there is some risk involved, however in general.


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      Ha, I just received an email from YES and they are looking for more $ even though they got way more than they had asked for. I think they just want more people to sign up, not necessarily more $ from those of us who already gave the requested $. Still, it sours it a bit. And of course shipments advertised for June are delayed until Oct. Guess after waiting over a year for a Coonan, 5 months for a B&M repair, etc. I am used to that. I just put the order receipts with my will so the kids can have the inestimable pleasure...


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        That's what concerns me about these projects, just how much regulation is there of these projects? What's to stop people from just saying ta very much for the money and then disappearing?


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          I doubt there are any guarantees. Since I was dealing with established companies I felt safe. Well, I haven't received the watch yet, but I do believe I will.


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            I have been backing watches on KS for a while now and there have only been a few problematic projects......

            You register a card with KS and you sign up with one or more projects of your choice. The project creators are required to set a monetary target they want to raise and a date by which the fundraising period will end. It is all or nothing - if the target is £5000 and the amount reached is £4999, this means the project is unsuccessful and your card will not be charged. If the creator thinks they still want to push the same design, then there is nothing to stop them essentially relisting the project and maybe reducing the amount to be raised but this funding is generally the minimum required for the manufacturers to produce the minimum order.

            The best outcome for the project is that it gains wide publicity and acceptance and the target is massively over-subscribed, thus allowing the creator to offer some stretch goals for backers of the project.

            As the money is taken off your card only if the project meets its target, this means that, after payment, you will be waiting for production of all the various parts, QC, assembly, final QC, delivery etc, and it only takes a delivery of sub-standard parts for the initial delivery estimate of the finished product to be set back a month or several,

            The risks are that some watch designers are brand new and may have never dealt with manufacturers before or actually project managed anything.

            Although I have not been stung by absolute non-delivery (yet) there are a few watches that have been badly managed and are quite a few months late and I am not sure when the delivery will be..........

            However, KS does give you access to a range of watches that you may never see in a jeweller's window, and who knows - you may be in the ground floor of a great designer's products which will be worth gazillions in the future!


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              Regarding the watch you referenced in your original post, I am keen on bronze cases (but prefer the BBB) and the crown guard design is not something I like. I do like the striped dial effect too.

              Just one note on the location of the project though. Be prepared to pay an extra 30% - 40% in duty, VAT and admin fees. It is highly probably that the package will get caught at customs as the creators tend to declare the amount you paid for the watch as the value.


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                Thanks for your words of experience. I am certainly impressed with the range available on KS. However, I do get slightly suspicious when the companies fail to give clear details of things such as the movement that they intend using. Some of them seem quite sketchy on specifics.


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                  Some KS programs are early in the process so maybe they don't know what they are going to do. I CAN tall you that KS will not accept "renderings" where Indiegogo will. So I'd more faith in KS since they require a product that is closer to being inseminated, artificially or otherwise, where Indiegogo will accept designs, which is what YES did.


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                    I think I should step away from KS - too many temptations!


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                      I can resist everything except temptation.


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                        Originally posted by ChrisEdu View Post
                        Thanks for your words of experience. I am certainly impressed with the range available on KS. However, I do get slightly suspicious when the companies fail to give clear details of things such as the movement that they intend using. Some of them seem quite sketchy on specifics.

                        The basic questions I always ask, if the answers are not on the campaign page, are:

                        What size is the case - diameter, lug to lug, including crown.
                        What material/grade metal is the case.
                        Is it sapphire or mineral glass.
                        What is the strap material.
                        Where will it be shipped from.
                        What is the movement.
                        What are the stretch goals.
                        Are there quick release straps.
                        Is there lume on the hands/dial.
                        If so, what type/strength.

                        I am reassured that the majority of projects have already put some resource in and got prototypes built. The trick is then dealing with their manufacturers to deliver the correct quantities with the right components in the right timeframe.

                        The Miyota and Seiko auto movements are quite popular with these microbrands. Generally they have no problem getting hold of Ronda quartz movements - which they then proudly proclaim as a Swiss movement, I suppose with some justification.

                        Some projects manage to get hold of ETA 2824-2 or other Swiss auto movements, such as the Sellita and you will find there is a marked increase in the price for these, especially if they can put Swiss Made on the dial.

                        KS is a great place for weird and wacky designs. I have only asked for a refund twice - once when the creator was still unable to be specific about things like the length of the hands he was ordering and had to change case suppliers, months after the project was supposed to have been delivered, and just recently when the creator told us months ago that the prototypes of a wooden watch were prone to breakage and he was therefore going to change the design - which became quite different from the original - and months later came back and said that instead of getting the new design, it cost more than the original so we couldn't have it and he was going to get the original design made for the KS backers. Without a warranty and with the probability of breakage and no sign that he has redesigned the original version to get rid of the potential of breakage. And he wouldn't give any refunds. And at the same time he is marketing the new design watch on his website having presumably got that made in the meantime while we were waiting.................

                        Needless to say, I reported the last one to Kickstarter.

                        Generally, though,a safety valve is that, even if you back something initially, you can pull out at any time before the end of the fundraising period if you get a bad vibe about the project/creator or don't get the answers to your questions.