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  • Millennials!

    I have a couple of brothers staying with me this weekend and I was looking at a Uboat the youngest one has. Was was set to UK time,an hour behind so I said why didn't he change it ?
    He said he uses his phone to check the time so whats the point ?
    I am sure he is not the only 21 year old like it but it did make me laugh !

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    Hopefully kids in the UK have a vocabulary consisting of more words than "Facebook, trending, totally, awesome, Twitter, and like."

    ‚ÄčI was like and they were like and he goes and I was museum. I never let my kids speak that way and they thank me now. When we just make it through a yellow light my son says "How fortuitous..."

    Who remembers "What does a yellow light mean? SLOW DOWN...."?


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      SO , ,, I was reading this post and thought I'd try and understand the direction of the post and also if I could abuse the current underiction with the current overuse of the word 'SO' . Before any unmeaningfull statement or lame comment. Becomes /
      So more So than the Previous ' I told you So '

      I think I have and it's


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        Yes, overuse of "so" especially to begin a sentence is on the list.