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SS Daytona 116500 - Dial Colour

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  • SS Daytona 116500 - Dial Colour

    Has anyone had any luck in changing the dial colour option once they were allocated the watch? I have been allocated a black dial version (but already have one) and had wanted a white dial. Not sure what options have is other than to decline the allocation and wait for a white dial?

    I had specified that I wanted a white dial but for some reason got allocated the black dial instead.

    Has anyone had the same issue? I remember with the 116520 there was an option to get the dial changed but I don't think Rolex offer this for the 116500.

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    I honestly don't think a dial change is now a option , but you could call Rolex StJames and ask for clarification, To my understanding lots of ADs.would return Watches for,dial colour changes across the Rolex,range. Then Rolex took exception and asked dealers to carry more stock up from 80 to 120. Was mentioned.

    Lifting a ADs stock level by 50% . Good business

    How are you Mr Oryx ?


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      Thanks Scooba - I have sent you a PM