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  • The Radius Grand Icon L

    Saw this watch on KS and was attracted to its colourful face and unusual design. Maybe its my love of all things Fisher Price! Although it said it had a Swiss movement, I had to read the comments section to find out that it uses the ISA 9230M1 which I believe is a quartz movement. Can someone confirm this?
    Im not that bothered with quartz movements which is a shame as its a fairly funky looking watch.
    The campaign is still open for anyone who is interested.

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    That looks really nice, but it is almost certainly quartz as to have that many complications on a mechanical Swiss movement would be $$$$.


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      Google is your friend:

      Definitely a quartz. And although a funky dial, it is just a bit too busy for me.


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        Thanks bfltd0. Nothing wrong with a bit of funkiness in your life.


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          Don't get me wrong, funky is fine. My Tudor Heritage Chrono is, for example, quite funky but in a perhaps less funky way than the Radius Grand Icon L.