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    Good morning all, *** UPDATED ***

    Following an unusual enquiry on 29th September I have been watching the website

    This morning the site was without permission showing many of my watches, including images and text copyrighted by my companies.

    Neither I nor any of my companies had agreed to this; we absolutely do NOT back or endorse the website in any way and we will take whatever steps are necessary to have this activity stopped.

    Mr. Emmanuel Akinkunle was appointed director of T W Watch Services Limited (the company named on the website) on 24th October 2016, the apparent date of incorporation.

    Other dealers may wish to see that their watches are not similarly listed without authority. None of us would wish to be associated with third parties beyond our control or without our agreement. Members who see watches listed on this site with the apparent blessing of any known business of bona fides might like to inform that business in case it, too, has had its products and name associated with the site unknowingly.

    UPDATE #1 : I have now spoken with Mark at AMJ watches and he has confirmed that their position is the same as mine. They were unaware that their watches were being shown on this website, do not endorse it in any way and will be requesting that they are removed.

    UPDATE #2 : I have now spoken with a number of other watch dealers / jewellers. They similarly confirm that they had not given permission and would not wish to endorse the site.

    UPDATE #3 : Mr. Akinkunle has now telephoned me. He was most apologetic and realises that they have made a significant mistake here. The intention is to offer some sort of directory / advertising medium for watches --- and all listings and references used without permission are now being removed. He was keen to stress that there was no intention to defraud anyone in any way. He now realised that other businesses might not wish to be seen to endorse the website and should not have had their products and copyrighted material used as it had been. With my products, copyrighted material and contact details removed from the site, I advised that I would be willing to update my comments. If he responded to other companies in similar fashion, he should not have a problem.

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    This is a potential scam anyway you look at it. Why on earth would you want to send your details as well as those of your valuable watch to this site which doesn't offer any payment guarantee system and doesn't vet any sellers or buyers. Even new business entrants know about copyright!

    Certainly won't be getting my business.


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      Thank you HaywoodMilton, for letting us know. As bfltd0 said, its all a bit dodgy to me.


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        And looking at their page that has model numbers by category, it is riddled with errors. Don't know where he copied this from but it was a dodgy source!