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Why are Rolex certificates (certificates only) selling for £ hundreds on flea way

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  • Why are Rolex certificates (certificates only) selling for £ hundreds on flea way

    Hi All, I have a feeling know what the answer will be... (IE Some sort of fraud)

    Why are Rolex certificates selling for £400 each ?.. especially in Spain etc, the most expensive one I saw was "certificate only" at £1500 buy it now

    I presume there is something dodgy going on ?

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    I suspect that your feeling is correct.

    Any Rolex fake, especially the good ones can be made to look more authentic with a guarantee. The fact that it is not the right guarantee for the watch is probably not known by a host of potential buyers.

    So the basta@ds selling such warranty papers are perhaps lower than the lowest of the low.

    And just as an example of such low life trading please spend a few minutes looking at all the "genuine" Rolex, Patek etc models available on Gumtree at prices ranging from £25 - 25000. We know they are fake, they know they are fake, but the punters may not know. Yet good old Gumtree continue to advertise them as apparently they "cannot refuse to advertise any watch even if they think it is a fake or stolen as it would be a copyright offence."

    I feel I have written enough.



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      On the "pigs might fly" side, it is possible that the owner of a vintage Rolex may be scanning the bay for the original guarantee papers for a watch that he owns and this would be the very last item that completes his collection for that watch. I know this scenario is about as probable as winning the lottery 4 times in a row.....................but it is still sort of possible.

      Otherwise. back in the real world, there is only the reality that these are going to scammers.


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        I must admit, I have never checked the certificate I received with my watch against the actual watch, you just presume they match because they came together !

        I can see how people could be scammed with a fake if it came with box and certificate.

        We were in Turkey a while ago and it was amazing how many shops had "Genuine Fake Rolex" or "Fake Genuine Rolex" as the shop name, it was a few years ago but it made us laugh at the time...