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LOOKING FOR A Y SERIAL FLAT 4 in UK is impossible

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  • LOOKING FOR A Y SERIAL FLAT 4 in UK is impossible

    Trying to find a 2003 16610lv y serial is merely impossible in the UK as a complete set 😥

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    Correct, that amounts to about the last limited piece Rolex did considering the 1m plus watches they now produce per year.
    Totally investment grade now and long since locked away at the £2650 list price if I’m correct.
    They might start to surface in around 2024 after people have handed them over to siblings on their 21st birthday.
    Riding the current wave I doubt you would get one for less than £18-20k which is a lot to spend on a relatively modern submariner.

    However I wish you good luck in your hunt, sometimes it’s just as much fun as the purchase.


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      Just about to purchase a 2003 Flat 4 from Germany next week , yes you are right these are sooo hard to come by in the UK