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  • I might be an addict

    So, having sworn off Kickstarter, I have become weak once more and pledged for another watch.

    This time, the project in question is the Pancor PO2 - an automatic watch using a Miyota 9XXX movement to provide time, date, power reserve, and 24 hr indicator.

    The dial that I have chosen is a lovely pale mint green, something that I found just too eye catching to not pledge for one.

    The strap is a light grey tweed, something a bit different from the usual leather and metal normally found keeping a watch attached to the wrist.

    Priced at €269, it seems a pretty good value proposition and, in my opinion, certainly worth having a look at.

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    No "might" about it!! So here is your choice. I do like the tweed strap too - one of my Kickstarter watches had that!

    And remember, you can always cancel your pledge................................


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      I got this watch but with a green tweed strap.


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        Originally posted by bfltd0 View Post
        I got this watch but with a green tweed strap.

        Nice. I like the simplicity, but I'm not sure about the floating person detail in the crystal.

        I also really like the range that Martenero have on KS, the Kerrison. There's something about the dial designs that I find appealing, however I don't think that they're as good value as the Pancor.


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          It is nice...I am still awaiting my new YES watch. Supposed to ship in July but nothing yet. Owner posted that he needed another 40k despite getting over 300% of his requested money. So I wait. I expected that, but not the $ shortfall.


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            I backed another project yesterday, Rossling & Co with their Nörig (I think) watch. However, today I decided to cancel that pledge as I decided that it wouldn't add anything particularly different to my collection. However, I do have my eyes on a couple of other watches that I'm interested in, well, actually, more than just a couple!