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  • Idle hands again

    So over on the Omega forum I saw this a few days ago and for the price I had to give it ago.
    Collected it today and I’m very pleased,
    Dates to 1973 and is the 016 variant so can fit the bracelet or a strap to it.
    First battery powered watch I’ve purchased in quite a few years but not to be referred to as a quartz. The second sweep is amazingly smooth.
    The humming sound it a novelty it the moment but can’t see it living in the bedroom at night.

    anyone else had/have a f300hz and experience good or bad with it?
    Case still has crisp lines Dial has no pitting or marks

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    Got plenty of quartz watches but not one of those..........

    Nice strap - who makes that? I'm assuming it is a modern rendition of a vintage rally strap.


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      Very cool piece of retro horology. I still have memories of my father's red LED watch from the 70s.

      I was looking in a jewelers window, yesterday, and noticed a range of Bulova watches that had a very smooth sweeping second hand, but that I'm fairly sure we're using an automatic movement (based upon the fact that their display of Seiko Kinetic watches weren't running).


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        Sorry for late reply.
        Nice strap - who makes that? I'm assuming it is a modern rendition of a vintage rally strap.
        I was looking at my old emails to see where I bought it from, I failed. It was initially for my old 1675 when fitted with a Pepsi bezel and I remember it cost me £25
        i saw the idea on Watchclub website who had a gmt on a similar strap and I thought it looked good.
        So far the watch is keeping great time, <2sec since it arrived Friday morning.


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          I can see the strap working well on the Pepsi GMT with the red and blue accents. Very nice!


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            Looks good, Jonathan!
            Wear it in great health!


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              Nice pick up. You can pick up some Vintage Omegas at a great price however I am far to risk averse to indulge.


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                I think that the Fellows auction, tomorrow (28th) has a few vintage Omega watches.