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    What can I say? Was a Rolex man for decades. Lost interest in watches a few years ago due to bad eyes. Turns out the bad eyes are less of an issue if AR coating is present and cyclops is gone. So since I sold 5 Rolex watches I have been bitten by the bug again and have gotten myself 3 new watches. My latest which I got in October has become my absolute favorite.
    Well built, high quality caliber but it's the sum of its parts that lift it to stratospheric levels of 'want'. The grey sunray dial, the curved crystal, the hands, the hand applied lume and the narrow bezel. It's just mesmerizing. Magic.
    I hesitated a few weeks before I pulled the trigger. It's expensive for a Seiko. Cheap compared to anything in the same class but I am so glad I got over the price. It's worth every penny and more.
    Some pics of the watch that brought the passion for watches back in full force.

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    Yes, I would agree the retail price is about 60% of a Rolex which is a significant step up for a Seiko.

    But it is a handsome watch with a real vintage throwback appearance. Nice!

    How is it for accuracy?


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      Oh - and nice pics, by the way!


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        Looks good.


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          About the price. I paid 40% of what a new Sub date costs. So value for money is real. If this was a watch made by any 'manufacture' in Switzerland it would be costing more than a sub.
          I believe so because the development and production is only amortized over the limited run of 2000 pcs.

          This watch is build by the Grand Seiko team in the Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio. This is the place were all mechanical Grand Seiko's are build.

          It is as far away from an 'of the chain' Seiko as one can imagine. Only 60 highly qualified watchmakers work there and each individual builds 'his' watch from start to finish. The movement is also Grand Seiko but without extra decoration and regulation. It is a top caliber which is based on the GS 9S55.
          t is rated at -10/+15 a day. Mine is running at +8spd.

          For those who care, this caliber can be regulated around +1 a day. Several German owners on the felt the need to have it extra regulated and Seiko Germany does it free of charge apparently. I do not see the need. +8spd is great.
          It's 3 sec more than I am used to with most Rolexes I have owned which is fine by me.

          I bought my watch in Germany and the dealer invited me to a Grand Seiko evening. Seiko Germany was there with 3 or 4 people. Every GS was on display to try on and admire. And they gave a nice presentation of the brand. Food was good too. But when one of the German Seiko people noticed my watch she asked 'how is it performing' , replied '+8' and she said 'if you want we can regulate it for you'.
          She was kinda surprised I found +8 just fine.

          I know 'accuracy' is a huge and important topic among WIS and I understand. Why Seiko did not feel the need to have the same regulation for this watch as other GS watches I do not know.


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              Small unimportant update, I timed my watch again, it is now running at +5spd.
              As I said, really not important to me but since I hadn't timed my watch for some time now thought I'd check it again and post the result here.


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                Fully charged


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                  Can you turn that last photo down a bit - hurts my eyes!


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                    Cracking watch! I finally tried one on yesterday however in order to get it one needs to go. Congrats!


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                      Hi Denis,

                      Good to see you posting again! Super watch - there are Seikos, and there are Seikos!
                      I've always had a soft spot for the brand.

                      Wear it in good health!


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                        Very nice, looks so much nicer than my orange monster.