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  • Seiko or Watchco...

    I purchased this Omega Seamaster 300 166.024 (565) LWC from a different forum a number of months back. Adam Lewis (photo500) of Lewis WatchCo is well known on Omega forums as a bit of a restoration guru however he has also ventured into making a number of watchco SM300

    I like the vintage style who’s fully graduated bezel mirrors my 116600. The omega brown leather however offers an alternate to wearing a bracelet and the watch really pops and oozes vintage charm.

    I'm really liking the watch but I’ve been offered a chance of Seiko SLA017 62MAS and after trying it on I just can’t take my mind off it. The easy answer is of course have both but that’s not so easy so the question is which would you pick?

    I'd look to get around £2250 for the SM300 whilst the Seiko is £3200 so its a large albeit not massive additional spend

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    The 017 is ridiculously overpriced, IMO... I'd stick with the SM300, personally.


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      I'm with Tony on this one. The 300 for me is reminiscent of a military issue model, whereas the 017 is merely a classy vintage diver.


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        Personally, I'd stick with the Omega but...

        Originally posted by Broxi View Post
        ...Seiko SLA017 62MAS and after trying it on I just can’t take my mind off it.
        ...I suspect this Seiko may be an itch that simply has to be scratched...