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    It will come as no surprise that I would have some nice time pieces to put on the wish list once the dust had settled over Basel. One that is high on the list is the latest vintage take on the Black Bay, which is itself a vintage-derived modern diver. The BB 58 is not a behemoth of a wrist piece that even exceeds the 55m diameter of my Lange B-Uhr. The 58 refers instead to 1958 and the early days of the production of dive watches. The Tudor Submariner is an iconic model, with a range of models being produced over the years (including a manual wind model). The 58 has a thoroughly modern engine, being the MT5402 (the Tudor collaboration with Breitling) which is COSC rated with an amazing 70 hour power reserve. There are a number of visible differences - this model has been whittled down to sub-40mm (just) at 39mm. The dial is a throwback to the early Tudor and Rolex divers with gilt lettering, there is the absolutely necessary red triangle on the bezel insert, which also has gilt numerals. The classic snowflake hands are there, of course, as is the unprotected big crown.

    Available with the riveted steel bracelet or leather or fabric or NATO or any strap you like really, this is a great recreation or re-imagining of a Tudor Sub, but brought into the 21st century.

    I haven't checked the suppliers yet, but I am pretty sure this (and the Tudor GMT - also on the wish list) will be available far sooner than the Rolex new models.

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    I like that watch! I think Tudor has many fine offerings that are underrated.


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      Nice review, i like everything about this watch until the 39mm size. That too small for me


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        Originally posted by JasT View Post
        Nice review, i like everything about this watch until the 39mm size. That too small for me

        I think Tudor really understand that a large part of their market may be Rolex WISes who feel that the current direction of travel of the mothership is not where they want to go - too styled, more jewellery and less tool, and perhaps too expensive.

        I agree with Tudor's aim in recreating a classic from their back-catalogue but surely an extra 1mm wouldn't have been too offensive to heritage-loving WIS purist?


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          I like it a lot, and I'm certainly happy with the size - I'd sooner 1mm under the 40mm sweet spot than 1mm over (but then I do have slim wrists, and such opinions are all about wrist size in reality). The one thing I don't like is the lume colour - it's too stark and IMO would have been better in a soft cream/off white. Still, I need to see one in the metal to form a definitive view.

          Sadly, i think Rolex are forcing us down the Tudor route by taking opportunity away in terms of SS sports models. That said, Tudor appear to have upped their game accordingly.