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    After 13 months of waiting I got my new YES watch yesterday. Tomorrow it goes back to them. The backlight worked once and only once. They sent a 3 link bracelet instead of the 5 link I requested. They sent the wrong NATO strap as well. Frankly I doubt I'll ever get this in proper working order. It's just too complicated. I am quite miffed about the whole thing.

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    Sounds like Brexit!


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      I received the watch in the post yesterday. The backlight now works and they swapped the bracelet and NATO strap. I asked them to size the bracelet for a 7.5" wrist and they got it right for about an 8" one. I don't intend to gain enough weight to make up the difference so I'll have my AD do it. I wear my SS Daytona when I go there so they can remember what it looks like. And so they know I didn't flip it.

      The watch provides a lot of data for your choice of 9 cities out of 650 available. Warranty is 2 years. After that if it fails I guess you could send it in for a new "module" or bin it. I don't view it as a family hair loom.