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    Bloody hell! That's some going!
    What are your favourite pieces?
    Is there anything you are going to keep? Or are you going to sell them all?


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      I sold a beautiful Dugena-Matic whilst in London today. It has one of the nicest dials I've seen and a 25 jewel movement. Considering how expensive some Dugena watches are, this one represents an absolute bargain at £295 - I really should have charged more for it.

      I have kept hold of some pieces, such as the Sicura Chrono Computer. I also have a gorgeous Rado Purple Gazelle, with lovely blue dial and automatic movement. I am thinking of keeping it, but would possibly sell for the right price. The Hamilton Khaki Automatic is another very nice watch that I'm tempted to keep, but will probably sell. It really is hard trying to let go sometimes!

      However, there's also a fair number of cheaper watches (circa £50) that I see as bread and butter for places like Facebook. It tends to be a bit of a sweetspot pricewise. Having just purchased about 12 NOS watches that will fit into that bracket, I would hope they'll sell quite quickly.

      Unfortunately, I did purchase a couple of watches on Tuesday, during a fairly major migraine, and consequently made two very bad deals - overpaying by quite a bit, which was really stupid. Trouble is, migraines can make me lose any common sense.

      If only I could post some photos.