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Air King (116900) rattle...

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  • Air King (116900) rattle...

    This watch is less than a year old and their is a clunky rattle upon shaking. It is not related to the bracelet. I am taking it to AD today and want them to send it in to RSC for a complete analysis. I don't want them to open it to try and fix it. That's what the warranty is for. Stay tooned…

    ETA: AD says they are now approved by Rolex to do warranty work. I suppose Rolex foots the bill for this, but I don't know how it is done. I don't really care either. Anyway, they are sending my AK back to Rolex. They told me that Rolex doesn't just fix the issue under warranty, they do a full service as well. Guess I'll have to take their word on that.
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    I will be interested to hear what the cause is - a lose rotor?Did you remove the bracelet and check? Or just held the bracelet tight and shakes it?
    I hope you get a speedy fix Bob.


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      I just held the bracelet tight and shook the watch. The AD said something about the "cage" being loose, maybe. I think the AK has the same type anti-magnetic shield as the MG. Anyway, I am sure that RSC will make it right. I have others to wear in the meantime....


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        Well, well - i'm surprised to see that the movement in the Air King is indeed protected against magnetism, so the AD could have a point!


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          I suspect that may be the issue but if anything inside is moving and shouldn't be, I suspect there could be damage to the movement. I am sure that RSC will get it sorted and I am in no hurry. This will be my first Rolex warranty venture.


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            I wouldn’t worry they are quite robust , normally the rattle is a loose rotor caused by a worn pinion . I doubt this is the case on a newer watch unless it’s taken a sharp knock which can cause this . More than likely as has already been pointed out the anti magnetic cover has worked loose as it’s the same setup as the Milgauss oddly .