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  • Oh No, Not Him...

    Hello all!

    Many of you will recognise the user name from over on TZ-UK.

    Well, I’m banned from there, although remain a topic of current discussion, so I guess they miss me

    My desire in the hobby, which I’ve enjoyed for close to 25 years, has slowed an awful lot, but still, it’s nice to have the company of other watch nerds as and when you feel the need...

    I’ve collected all sorts over the years. My OCD and other mental afflictions kept me on my toes, as I flicked from one focus to another regularly, be it military, a certain manufacturer, style, metal even, but over recent times I seem to be sort of cured and currently have the three pictured (I hope) in rotation.

    The Sky-Dweller has been with me almost two years and spends Monday to Friday on my wrist. It shows some wear, being white gold, but that’s what they’re for. The AP is the weekend watch and one I resisted for a long, long time, but since acquiring it just around Christmas time, I have to concede I am smitten with the brand. Yes it’s a lump, but the details are amazing and much more involving than any Rolex. The last little plastic thing was taken in trade and you know what - it really is cool!

    Anyway, although I don’t expect to break any posting records, I am here and look forward to chatting to some of you in the future.

    Rotation February 2018

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    Hello Steve - nice to see you here! You’ll certainly find things a little more genteel than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy participating.

    Nice trio, by the way


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      Originally posted by learningtofly View Post
      Hello Steve - nice to see you here! You’ll certainly find things a little more genteel than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy participating.

      Nice trio, by the way
      Thanks Tony.

      Genteel is good - I'm getting on and accept you'll know, being a few years ahead of me


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        That's a good collection! I've been banned from more forums than those to which I currently belong. There are a couple where I have to put up with a lot that I don't like for the small amount of pleasure I gain from reading some of the nonsense.


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          Welcome on board, burnsey66.

          Great combo of watches - pretty much covers all bases, and the G-Shock shows you can be down wid' da kidz (or something...)

          Anyway, good to have a fellow watch nerd here! Looking forward to you breaking some posting records


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            I like your collection! It's good to have a "plastics beater...." and of course the AP and Rolex!!!!


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              Welcome on board burnsey66. I hope you enjoy the banter that goes off here and pitch in.
              Makes me wonder what it takes to get banned from a forum!


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                It's doubtlessly not constructive to bad mouth other forums tempting as that may be...but .....I'll just say that some are moderated better than others and some are better off being something like a Facebook page where a small group of pals can hang out. A LOT of the Internet is a "colossal waste of time" (one of my favorite phrases - what William Shatner once called Trekkie Conventions) and you have to separate the wheat from the shaft.


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                  Welcome aboard! Great collection!

                  I was rooting around in some boxes the other day and found a thick green wristband with velcro closure, both to keep it on the wrist and to open a top lfap to show a plastic fantastic Casio digital watch (not a G-shock). Very unsurprisingly, it isn't running, as it must have been sitting there a goodly while. I used to use this as a military watch, as it was pretty robustly protected and had a low-lume back-light so it was pretty useful at night too. However, the velcro closure was a little noisy, so slightly less than tactical.